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Mona Lisa Touch for Vaginal Atrophy & UTIs

Mona Lisa Touch (MLT). My experience:

I strongly believe when something works for us with breast cancer we need to share it. This may not be for you but this is my experience and what worked for me.

  • After Aramatose Inhibitors (AIs) I was left with permanent vaginal atrophy and constant Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).
  • Sex was out of the question - felt like razor blades. Ane anything would set off a UTI - something as simple as a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.
  • Moisturising: Natural flora resides in healthy vaginas which fights off bad bacteria. However this flora is non-existant in vaginal atrophy. My Onco suggested I use Replens as estrogen which fixes atrophy cannot be used by estrogen positive breast cancer. However, every time I used a moisturiser it I got a UTI and so more antibiotics. Explanation: Vaginal Moisturisers create a pathway for e-coli (doesn't matter how hygenic you are) So don't use if you have UTIs.
  • The Mona Lisa Touch has only been available in Australia for a few years. After much research I decided to have the procedure. Usually 3 treatments 6 weeks apart. It takes 5 minutes and painless. From the very first treatment UTIs ceased and my life is back to normal. My vaginal atrophy was particularly bad but MLT changed my life.
  • Moisturising in safety: I am now able to moisturise safely again now. I still do this even after MLT. The Moisturiser brand name I use is YesYesYes (inserted vaginally). It is the best and safest on the market. The company who makes it is in the UK. In the UK it is the only certified organic product approved by the NHS and available on script over there. Let me tell you their products (large range including lubricants) are so far ahead of the pack. (see snipe taken from website that does comparison). The products are all natural and mimic your own lubrication. Get on the site and check out for yourselves. Link to website: