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Nutrion & shrinking fibroadenomas & Usual ductal Hyperplasia

Jeneas Member Posts: 1

Hi! I haven't been on here in over a year, but had my yearly breast MRI Monday March 6, and just got a call from my radiologist. This Breast MRI was compared to the MRI in Feb 2016. The Radiologist called me this morning and said, "Great news, your fibroadenomas have shrunk so small I can barely see them, and where your architectural distortion was (Usual ductal Hyperplasia), is completely clear, and your breasts don't look as dense!" She also said, "It's like I'm looking at two totally different breast MRI's and the difference is amazing!"

I was being followed every 6 months with Mammos, Ultra sounds & Mri's. I told her what I've been doing nutritionally/supplements/vitamins and she said surprisingly, "Wow, please keep doing it because it is working". I have to say first, I am not a doctor, but work as a Radiology Tech doing bone density scans and have done extensive research once I was diagnosed with fibroadenomas/UDH/Fibrocystic Breast condition. I want to share with everyone else what I did because if it could help just 1 person, it would make my heart happy. First off, I went vegan, no meat, no dairy, no white refined sugar, no white refined flour, completed whole foods plant based. This wasn't easy, it was hard, but I did it for me, my family and my future. I eliminated coffee, soda and alcohol and started drinking more water and juicing veggies & fruit every morning. I juice 1/2 apple, 3 celery stalks, 1 carrot, 2 handfuls of kale, 1 whole peeled lemon, 2' knob of fresh ginger and turmeric. I made myself get used to the taste and now I love it. Supplement wise I started taking:

Detoxadine (iodine) 1,950 mcg 3 drops in purified water 1x/day, B6 500 mg 1x/day, D3 5,000 IU 1x/day, Vitamin E 400 IU 1x/day, Turmeric with black pepper extract 1500 mg 2 capsules 2x/day, Selenium 200 mcg 1x/day, dry vitamin A 10,000 IU 1x/day, Evening Primrose Oil Cold pressed 1300 mg 2 softgels 1x/day.

Daily, I give myself a breast massage to help move the lymph in the breast (There's videos on Youtube). I stopped wearing underwire bras because they cut off our lymph drainage and that's bad for our breast health. Once again, I am not a doctor and did my own research and talked to a lot of knowledgable friends in the Holistic medicine field. Through out my process of finding the fibroadenomas/UDH/fibrocystic breast condition, not one doctor, radiologist or nurse talked to me about nutrition. Nutrition can heal us and is so vital for breast health! I encourage everyone to do your own research and be your own advocate. Much love to you all! Jen


  • Outdoor_Jen
    Outdoor_Jen Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2017

    Good morning! I just read your post and am very interested in what you have been doing as well as your history. My doctor just started me on an annual program of a mammogram and ultrasound followed in 6 months by an MRI with and without contrast due to a high risk of breast cancer. I am 46 and have had 2 biopsies, the most recent of which came back showing usual ductal hyperplasia. My last mammogram (July 2016) came back ok, and I just had my first MRI yesterday (not fun, but at least I got it done). My mom has had a few biopsies, one of which came back as atypical ductal hyperplasia, so I am very vigilant about my overall health.

    I typically eat vegan until dinner, when I usually have some form of protein, such as poultry or grass-fed beef. I work out vigorously six days a week as well, and drink a lot of water. My alcohol intake is minimal, maybe 1 or 2 drinks on the weekend, and those are usually vodka with a twist of lime (no sugary mixers). I have been taking the vitamin D3 for a few years, because although I live in Florida, my levels are low due to me staying out of the sun (except for my afternoon runs outside).

    I am curious as to how you developed your current supplement plan. I like it! Also, where did you find decent bras without underwires? I could probably go without wearing one (since I'm like a 34AA!), but it's nice to have a little coverage.

    I really like the supplement idea, and while it doesn't necessarily cure everything, I do think it provides a lot of healing and good health.

    Take care,


  • kicks
    kicks Member Posts: 319
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    The OP (jenesas) has not been back to the site since Mar 9.

    Outdoor_Jen - you might want to go to the Alternative Medicine Forum to ask your questions on supplements..