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Ixempra (Ixabepilone)

Dayzeroze Member Posts: 10

This is a very hard chemo ifusion every 3 weeks. I am on infusion #4 at the end I will post what I have gone through

Today I had Ixempra infusion #4. I'm on full dose once every 3 weeks. I do have a lot of bone pain the only thing that helped is fentynal patches 50mg nauseous quite regularly only thing that helps is zofran dissolvable tablets heartburn I take 40mg protonix before I was on Ixempra I had ascites 6ltrs a week drained it went away almost immediately!!!!!!

My Side effects

• about day 1 my mouth feels like I burnt it on hot soup

• nauseous

•extra thirsty

•dry mouth

•bone pain

•day 14 after first infusion hair started shedding so I buzzed it



•panic attacks

•weight gain

•really bad shaking first couple of days

•neuropathy of hands

•light headed

I think that's it!!!! But if it's working I'm fine