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natrelle inspira cohesive gummy

kae_md99 Member Posts: 394
edited October 2017 in Breast Reconstruction

hi all,

i will have my exchange on oct 20 and my PS plans to use this as implant. anyone there with these? are they heavy,can they move ( as OPPOSED to expanders... any input will be appreciated..thanks in advance for sharing your experiences


  • veggal
    veggal Member Posts: 261

    I just got some Inspira SCX's 12 days ago. Mine are big--615 and 650 cc respectively. They don't really feel heavy, but I've also had them in a compression bra since surgery. Mine will move a little bit as mine were placed prepectorally (above the muscle). I previously had anatomicals under the muscle that did not move, nor did they feel heavy.

    The SCX's feel softer to me than the 410's did. I think I will really like them once they settle in and the post-surg crap is done.

    Hope this helps.

  • kae_md99
    kae_md99 Member Posts: 394

    VegGal,thanks!what is SCX?i will have mine prepectoral, too...

  • veggal
    veggal Member Posts: 261

    Smooth cohesive extra projection. It's the newest implant in the Inspira line up, and kind of hard to find anything on it online.

    Good luck!

  • trmtab
    trmtab Member Posts: 838

    I have the Inspria TCX, textured round cohesive ...agree with VegGal, we seem to be two of the two who have them...sure more do, but as I am 13 days post-op have been spending a lot of time on the boards the past couple of weeks. I have 800 and I find it heavy and large...I had a TE expanded to 800, but this is larger. The TE was slightly smaller than my native breast, this is a 1 -2 cup sizes larger than my native breast...hope that is swelling that will go down. It also sits very high...or at least has a lot of upper pole projection, so the breast mound starts expanding 2 inches below my collar bone. Hope it settles southward a bit as there is no bra out there that can bring my native 56 y.o breast up to that height!

    My current guess is that I will be swapping this out for a smaller (700) and a smooth rather than textured Inspira SRX implant either at the winter holidays or next summer...TT

  • specialk
    specialk Member Posts: 9,221

    kae - I also have Inspiras - I needed the extra projection since I was downsizing from Mentor rounds that were 200ccs larger - 650ccs to 445ccs. Mine are in a very natural position, and are the same volume as the breast tissue that was originally removed. I don't find them heavy, but I have also been reconstructed for a long time. I definitely notice a difference between these implants and the ones I had previously due to the significant difference in size.

  • kae_md99
    kae_md99 Member Posts: 394

    thanks ladies!

    Specialk, my PS deflated me

    to 280 ccs ( i pmd you about that) . so essentially,i only have my breast tissue left after mastextomy. he said he did not expand me. any tips on questions i should ask him on pre op? what aare projections? also, you think i could go to 300-350? breast tossue removed was 297 grams

  • mrssoul
    mrssoul Member Posts: 3

    Have Natrelle Inspira cohesive SCX. Had my exchange recently. Very happy with them so far. Had double nipple sparing mastectomy.

  • veggal
    veggal Member Posts: 261

    Today I had a professional bra fitting as requested by my PS. I am 29 days into my life with Inspira SCX's, 615 and 650 cc's. Much to my surprise, I am now a 32DDD! Pre-cancer I was wearing 34C. I'm not complaining as I am 5'11", so they look proportional. They are also becoming very soft and squishy...nothing like my 410's were.