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Bone scan and scared to death

Hello. I am looking for some support. I was diagnosed a year ago stage 1, double mastectomy, radiation, complete hysterectomy and have been on arimidex since January 1. My alk phos has been rising since the arimidex and it's at 120 and evidently coming from the bone. I know this isn't too high but my calcium has also been rising, although still in normal range. I'm having a bone scan Friday and terrified, and my oncologist seems concerned too, which is alarming. She said sometimes she sees this with too much vitamin d and calcium, which I'm taking. I think it could be the arimidex or instant menapause but she didn't mention those things. Anyone with any insight? I would so appreciate it.

Thank you.



  • jackster51
    jackster51 Member Posts: 139

    Hi Ballo - I just got my results today from a bone scan and got the all clear! Mine was due to persistant pain, so still need to figure that out. Don't know any of my levels, but am hoping you get the all clear as well. I do know that levels can run high/low after surgeries and with the meds that we are given. Try not to worry - I know, easier said than done! Hoping the best for you!!

  • ballofangst
    ballofangst Member Posts: 11

    That is great news! Hopefully mine with have the same result

  • Alicethecat2
    Alicethecat2 Member Posts: 27

    Hello Ball of Angst

    In case this helps, I had a bone scan that revealed a spot that was inconclusive. Rescanned six months later. Turned out to be natural bone repair.

    I couldn't tolerate Arimidex at all and had to be taken off it after one dose.

    Hope it is something similar for you.


  • ballofangst
    ballofangst Member Posts: 11

    Thank you for sharing that! I sure appreciate stories with good outcomes. The disease has just about made me crazy!


  • kiks1
    kiks1 Member Posts: 118

    I had the same happen to me a month or so ago. my ALP levels have gone up to 131 in March and then 129 a month ago. MO did not seem concern. I did have my ovaries out in November last year and am on aromasin. My calcium is normal but on the higher side (I suspect because I am taking calcium and vit d), but was normal in march (have not started supplementing). I searched this board and it looks like a few do have higher ALP levels. I, also, read that the als can cause increased levels in ALP. In aromasin, it is seen in 15% of users. I know my bone density is bad after a DEXA scan upon completing chemo which I think is worse now that I have my ovaries out and have been on aromasin for over a year. Anyways, I insisted on a scan and it came back clear. MO feels confident about the results because I had 2 CTs of the chest and abdomen and a pet/ct just over a year ago as well. Here's praying that your's will be good too.

  • ballofangst
    ballofangst Member Posts: 11

    Thank you so much! That sounds so similar to my situation. I really feel like my alp went up after the arimidex and the vitamin d and calcium. And the hysterectomy! Praying I'm like you! Thank you again

  • jojo0529
    jojo0529 Member Posts: 56

    Are you still here Ballofangst? Are you a real person?

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,070

    JoJo - I answered on another thread where you wanted a prior poster to respond from 2018. In this case, the last post was October 2017., People get better & move on or get frustrated or die. If you want to frame a new topic with your questions, pick an appropriate category post a new thread.

  • ballofangst
    ballofangst Member Posts: 11

    what is wrong with you jo jo? Good grief!