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TNBC with lung metastasis

Sharjin Member Posts: 37

My mother was diagnosed with TNBC stage 3 on Nov, 2016. She did 4rounds of AC, 4rounds of Docetaxol, single Mastectomy and 27 lymph nodes removal, 13 positive for cancer, did not achieve PCR with the chemo so then started for 6months of Capecitabin (Xeloda), and then 25days of radiation on the cancer site, chest wall and Axillary area. All the treatment came to an end on January 7th, 2018. We were so happy but to our utter surprise and complete shock, she started having pleural effusion after 3weeks of completing radiation. After removing water through thoracentesis twice, the water and cough came negative for malignancy. She did a pet CT scan4days back and we got the result today. Her cancer has spread to right lung. The whole family is shattered. Doctor wants to Put her on Gemcitabein and platinum based chemo to improve survival. But he said even after treatment, the prognosis is usually few months to year with TNBC lung metastasis. Is there anyone on the same page. I am desperately in need of some hope. I am pregnant and due in August and only daughter of my mother. I want her to see my child growing up. Nothing can be more painful than this. Please enlighten me if anyone of you can. Please. Thank you.


  • vl22
    vl22 Member Posts: 471
    edited February 2018

    Sharjin - I am so sorry. This disease is horrible and I understand why you feel shattered. Please go to the forum for stage 4 and you will find threads for both lung metastasis and stage 4 triple negative. There you will get the support and knowledge that you need.


  • prakashbastola
    prakashbastola Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2018


    I hope your mother is in very good health now. My mom has been diagnosed with Stag 4 TNBC metastasis to lungs. I find my mother's health similar to yours. Just like you i am devastated and am hoping something will come up and my mother will be cured.

    What treatment is your mom going through?

    Please give me advice on what should i do? What treatment i should start?

    I am looking forward to your response.

    Take care of yourself and your mother. God Bless!