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BC after taking Fibristal aka Esmya aka ulipristal acetate

stephincanada Member Posts: 29

There is a relatively new drug on the market to treat uterine fibroids called Ella in the US and Fibristal in Canada. It is a selective progesterone receptor modulator. In the UK its trade name is Esmya, and the pharmaceutical name is ulipristal acetate. I was diagnosed with breast cancer after taking a 3 month course of this drug. I took the drug immediately after having a breast MRI for screening purposes that was clear. Six months after MRI number 1, I had a second MRI which revealed my tumour. In my case, because I was being closely monitored by MRI, we know with certainty that the tumour appeared shortly after taking this drug. Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so, please include the type of breast cancer with which you were diagnosed.

I think that the regulators (FDA, Health Canada, etc.) may need to take a closer look at Fibristal to determine whether it causes breast cancer.



  • Dove18
    Dove18 Member Posts: 1
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    Did you get anywhere with this? I took the drug for 3 months and think it may have contributed to/accelaerated a diagnosis of womb cancer?

  • stephincanada
    stephincanada Member Posts: 29
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    Sorry for the late response; I haven’t logged in for quite some time. I have received private messages from four people who developed breast cancer shortly after taking a course of Fibristal. If this happens to you, I suggest that you report the incident to the health regulator in your country, or have the doctor who prescribed the medication to you do so on your behalf.

    This is the link for adverse reaction reporting to Health Canada:

    And this seems to be the link for the FDA in the U.S.:

  • Ldc1
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    I took Fibristol at least 4 years ago and was diagnosed w BC in November 2018.

  • wrbk
    wrbk Member Posts: 1
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    Invasive mammar carcinoma in 2017 Er+ and Pr+. Took Fibristal from Nov 2015 to Feb 2016. I always wondered about this. Thank you for posting. Advised Canada Health as you suggested. We'll see if something happens...

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    Dear wrbk,

    Welcome to the BCO community. We appreciate your reaching out and sharing your story with out members. We hope that you will stay active here. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

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