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FDA Issues Warning on Vaginal Laser Treatment

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FDA Issues Warning on Laser Treatment for Vaginal Atrophy and Other Menopausal Symptoms
August 9, 2018

On July 30, 2018, the FDA issued a warning about energy-based devices used to treat vaginal conditions and symptoms related to menopause, urinary incontinence, or sexual function. Read more...


  • secondrodeo
    secondrodeo Member Posts: 2
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    This procedure was just recommended to me by a urologist, since using estrogen cream is not advisable because my cancer was ER+. Has anyone had laser vaginal rejuvenation, despite the FDA not approving it yet, and what were your results? I feel like I dont have other options available to me to resolve the discomfort I am experiencing.

  • Ke-Ke
    Ke-Ke Member Posts: 1
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    Here's an update on my research and decision.

    I've decided to have the Mona Lisa laser treatment because the cancer pill (Anastrazole) has created very very very VERY painful sex. Lasers can reverse vaginal atrophy and after much research that my sister helped me with, I've chosen the Mona Lisa laser.

    But here's a list of what I've done over the past 2 ½ years – I feel like I've tried absolutely every avenue with no real results.

    1. I've tried appx 16 oncologist-approved moisturizers, creams, suppositories, etc. Most of that research I had to do myself and run the ingredients by the oncologists for approval. While these products are fine at keeping things moisturized, none of them were able to provide relief from painful sex.
    2. Research led me to the very best lube on the market (Astroglide gel, specifically gel), so that's good, but it doesn't provide relief from painful sex.
    3. I've read millions of articles about breast cancer + the cancer pill + painful sex
    4. Being active on has been helpful since many of you have had the Mona Lisa say "it worked and it wasn't an uncomfortable procedure"
    5. I interviewed 4 gynos, all who use different lasers. There are different types of lasers as well, and many many different brands. (My own gyno has a laser that treats prolapsed vaginas, but not vaginal atrophy)
    6. My 4th and final interview was with a doctor who uses the Mona Lisa and in fact has used it herself because she's post menopausal and had painful sex. She was nice enough to prescribe me Valium for each procedure. I asked for it!

    So although I'm not physically looking forward to the procedure, hopefully it will be "fine" and we'll see results soon.

    I will keep ya'll informed of how it goes!

  • sbelizabeth
    sbelizabeth Member Posts: 956
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    My gyno purchased a FemiLift laser, and having been involved from the beginning with my breast cancer treatment, she very kindly offered me free treatment with her new laser. I wish I could say it really changed things, but I really can't tell any difference in the way my lady bits feel or function. I still get UTIs and sex is still painful.

    The laser treatments were a tiny bit uncomfortable but no big deal. I certainly wouldn't have needed sedation for them, but I know we're all different.

    What helps with painful sex is 4% lidocaine, either liquid or gel, bought by prescription. Place a small amount in a shot glass and soak a cotton ball in the lidocaine. Put the soaking wet cotton ball in the lower vagina for a couple of minutes. Sex won't hurt. But be careful...lidocaine on the clitoris means a numb clitoris and no orgasm.

  • Elle2111
    Elle2111 Member Posts: 1
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    Elizabeth,I think I read in another thread that you ordered a product called “Revaree."

    It is being recommended on Sloan Kettering's website & I plan to ask my doctor about it.

    In the meantime, can you please share your experience?

    Many thanks, Ell

  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 782
    edited April 2021

    Hi Elle2111, I didn't order Revaree. Hope you can connect with someone who has experience with this.

  • RoxiePips
    RoxiePips Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2022

    I have been using Revaree. It helps with moisture but I still need additional lubrication at the vaginal opening. Intercourse remains too painful.

    I have an appointment next week with my GYN to talk about laser treatment. Sigh...