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Pain from an implant that flipped

MLScott Member Posts: 3
edited November 2018 in Pain

My wife is about a year out of surgery (non-cancerous bilateral skin sparing mx). She went through the expanders and implants and had multiple unplanned surgeries due to complications. Unfortunately, that seems like it's not the end of it. One of her implants flipped. You actually can see a circular impression on her skin -- where they fill the implant. She has been reticent to have it fixed because it's yet another surgery but (1) that breast has pain (obviously not the breast itself), and (2) that breast is flat rather than rounded since the implant is reversed. She and I are not really worried about appearance but we are both worried about the pain.

We heard from a nurse today that her pain might be caused by capsular contracture due to having the flipped implant. Basically, even more scar tissue.


1. Has anyone in the community had an implant flip? What did you/they do?

2. Any specific pain management that you might recommend? I know this is pretty specific but if we can avoid another surgery it would be welcomed at this point.

Thank you!