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Stage IV breast cancer and Leptomeningeal carcinoma



  • snow-drop
    snow-drop Member Posts: 519

    thank you so much BestBird for valu

  • snow-drop
    snow-drop Member Posts: 519

    hi Bestbird thank you so much for sharing valuable information. I am sure I sent a thank reply but I have no idea where it post! The information you shared was helpful In discussion with my oncologist, for first time I had some ideas about future treatment which make me calm. My oncologist wants to continue with the treatment and wait for a couple of months. Radiation therapist won’t start treatment despite I have pain in some spots. I should be waiting and keep positive in hope that this unwanted cancer cells do not enter anywhere.

    Good luck everyone

  • Jjzn
    Jjzn Member Posts: 114

    I was just diagnosed with brain mets and was told I had to have wbr because it was leptomeningeal. Does this mean I have leptomeningal disease? Neither my MO or RO mentioned anything about have my spinal fluid checked. They both led me to believe radiation would take care of it and we would scan every three months to see if anything else showed up. When I looked up this disease the prognosis did not sound good. I would appreciate any advice.