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body/mind/soul/spirit talk - no religion please


hello! I am starting this thread in hopes of not offending any person or group. This thread is to have a safe space to discuss the ideas of our soul and what is spirit. What does spiritually mean. What happens to us when we die? What is happening to our cells as we are alive?

This thread welcomes scientific discourse and loves the wisdom that Buddhism and Daoism and other studies of the mind, body and nature bring to it as well as the study of life through the lens of nature and the “feeling" of experiencing something spiritual and beyond ourselves or maybe we are experiencing something within ourselves? How does a meditation practice enhance this experience and bring wisdom into one's way of knowing and intuition? What is intuition?

We may not know the exact answer but let's pleaee have friendly discourse here :)

I hope you'll join in Ananda! ❤️ !!


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    Medicatinggreat idea!

  • LoveFromPhilly
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    thanks mods!!!

    These are the kinds of things I love talking/thinking about :-)

    Such a smart and interestinggroup of folks on these boards - I look forward to hearing more thoughts on these matters.

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    Love from Philly it's nice to see a familiar name. I've only touch base once or twice during the past 2 years. But I'm doing great. Hope you're doing well. Love this topic of conversation. When I meditate deeply I go to a place outside of my body.. There are times when I return to my body totally relaxed and other times emotionally and physically drained but strangely invigorated. It's hard to make sense of the two. For the most part I'm not seeking understanding just acceptance of what's occurring at the moment. Look forward to reading more from the group

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    I am so sorry to have to tell you this but LoveFromPhilly passed away in late October 2021. We all miss her and hold her memory dear.

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    We are so saddened to post the news today that LoveFromPhilly (Brenda) has passed away. The news was posted on her gofundme page: GoFundMe.

    We know she had made so many friends here and was loved by so many. Her presence will be so greatly missed.

    Sending our condolences to all who knew and loved her

    May she rest in peace