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Wait Times for Breast Cancer Surgery

cutiekate Member Posts: 6

How long did you wait to have a surgery from dx date?

For me, 5 weeks 5 days. I am so concerned with the waiting time. Sad


  • gb2115
    gb2115 Member Posts: 542
    edited February 2020

    I think I had to wait a month. I remember my surgeon saying up to 6 weeks was no issue, even with aggressive cancers.

  • simonerc
    simonerc Member Posts: 142
    edited February 2020

    Biopsy Feb. 16. Got results Feb. 20. Surgery April 6. Good luck!

  • Bejeweled
    Bejeweled Member Posts: 22
    edited February 2020

    About 2 months... Dx 8/27, surgery 10/28. The delay was me not being able to decide on which surgery. They told me it was fine, and I could take my time.

  • Badluckbdaygirl
    Badluckbdaygirl Member Posts: 55
    edited February 2020

    Mine was 6 weeks from diagnosis and 11 weeks from screening. I was terrified, but my BS had to schedule with my PS and with Thanksgiving, etc. They didn't seem worried. It may be more of a hurry with more aggressive rumors. I am now in a holding pattern waiting to start hormone therapy because of my Oncotype test that was delayed, ugh. Always, hurry up and wait🙄

    5 1/2 weeks doesn't seem too long. Good luck

  • sarahsmilesatme
    sarahsmilesatme Member Posts: 52
    edited February 2020

    My surgery was 5 weeks from diagnosis.

  • WC3
    WC3 Member Posts: 658
    edited February 2020

    7 weeks. I was initially upset about it but I would not have been able to have it any sooner even if they could schedule it sooner because I had chemotherapy first and my CBCs would have been too low.

    Edit to clarify:

    It was not 7 weeks between my dx and surgery. It was about 7 months because I had 4 months of chemotherapy before surgery. I had surgery 7 weeks after my final chemotherapy infusion.

  • Elephant
    Elephant Member Posts: 21
    edited February 2020

    Mine was 6 weeks from diagnosis. The surgeon said that the wait time was not a problem.

  • summerangel
    summerangel Member Posts: 182
    edited February 2020

    Mine was 9 weeks from diagnosis and 12 weeks from the initial biopsy.

  • mariadelpilar
    mariadelpilar Member Posts: 36
    edited March 2020

    4 weeks for me. According to my oncologist, up to 6 weeks is just fine.

  • juniper
    juniper Member Posts: 12
    edited March 2020

    I was diagnosed on July 31stand had surgery 2 weeks later

  • Askmissa
    Askmissa Member Posts: 32
    edited March 2020

    Two months

  • etnasgrl
    etnasgrl Member Posts: 185
    edited March 2020

    My first time, I waited a little over a month from diagnosis. This time around, it was one week!
    Last time, I was at MD Anderson and they were VERY slow moving, which drove me crazy. They also never, not once, did any type of blood work. I didn't realize until afterwards how uncommon that is. Needless to say, I was NOT impressed with MD Anderson at all.
    This diagnosis, I am with Houston Methodist and they are INCREDIBLE! I am so thrilled that I made the switch. (I know several ladies in my local support group who use Houston Methodist and they suggested I go there as they are very happy and confident with the level of care that they receive.) The day their breast center called with the diagnosis, I was able to get in with the surgical oncologist. She spent about 45 minutes with me, going over everything. Surgery was scheduled for the following week. I was stunned by how quickly they moved. One week after surgery, was my appointment with my medical oncologist and she spent a little over an hour with me, going over all the treatment plans and answering questions. From there, I had labs done and my goodness, she tested for EVERYTHING under the sun! I was so impressed!

    The bottom line is, it really does matter where you receive your care and just because a place is well known and popular, doesn't always mean that the care is excellent. I have no desire to ever go back to MD Anderson.

  • sunshine99
    sunshine99 Member Posts: 2,132
    edited March 2020

    I had my biopsy on 10/31, got "the call" on 11/2 and had my mastectomy on 12/10. I waited because we were hosting a big party on 12/9. It was a great distraction up until the time of the surgery.

  • Cindimay77
    Cindimay77 Member Posts: 8
    edited March 2020

    Hi! Exactly 8 weeks for me. I was really worried too about the wait - but why got it all with clear margins and it did not grow in that time..

  • onlygirlof5
    onlygirlof5 Member Posts: 27
    edited March 2020

    10.5 weeks for me. Mammogram/USN on 12/9/2019. Biopsy on 12/11/2019. Results on 12/16/2019. Surgery on 12/27/2019. The LONGEST 10.5 weeks of my life. The main tumor had grown from 2.2cm to 3.0cm and 1 suspicious node deemed clear at biopsy was found post-surgery to be positive and EE present Scared.

    I am now 3 weeks out and have put on and indefinite hold for tissue expansion fills. They were to start on Friday but with the coronavirus, all my follow-up appointments were cancelled. So frustrated.

  • TNBCthriver
    TNBCthriver Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2022

    Hi, I know this is a late response but I agree with all your points regarding MDA and methodist. After reciving my diagnosis at memorial (don't get me started on tehm) I contacted both methodist and MDA. Methodist called me immidiately and I had done all my scans and staretd chemo within 3 weeks of surgery. They aren't perfect buT I am happy with the care they provide me. MDA on the other hand took a couple of days to call back and were agressivly rude on the phone. I think they are entitled and have let the fame go to thier head thinking it is the only option for cancer treatment in the city. Methodist is far superior in my opinion.

  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,820
    edited January 2022

    TNBCthriver - I believe you are a new member, so just a couple of tips. It's a good idea to go to My Profile in fill in your diagnosis & treatment to date. That helps other members to understand more about your comments & questions.

    It's great to read everything here, but take a look at the date of the last post. This one was March 2020 so don't be disappointed if no one strikes up a conversation. I answered just because I am in Houston with both hospitals.