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How was your bone mets detected?



  • NanaJan
    NanaJan Member Posts: 4

    I agree…I either have bone Mets or this treatment has unbearable long term wffect

  • moth
    moth Member Posts: 3,293

    gailmary, not sure if you're asking why we treat stage 1 aggressively or stage 4 aggressively? Stage 1 is because it's essentially the only chance we have to try to get rid of any possible tiny metastases or single cells that have broken off from the tumor and are just floating around; it's one chance to try to prevent a recurrence (well, plus hormonals if your cancer is hormone +) . In Stage 4, we need aggressive treatment because otherwise we die. From earlier in June "Metastatic breast cancer truth bombs from #asco2021 for de novo dx DISMAL "The median unadjusted OS in the untreated subgroup was 2.5mo vs 36.4mo in the treated subgroup" but if you survive the 1st 3 mos OS goes up to 18.6mo and 40.3mo

    (where OS = overall survival)

  • star2017
    star2017 Member Posts: 370

    how frustrating, gailmary.