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February 2021 Surgery Group



  • abbyrhodes3
    abbyrhodes3 Member Posts: 30

    @tntnsd - Thank you! I am healing well so far. There has really been no pain to talk about, mostly I've been just a little fatigued. I'm building up my walking as well - I need to focus on getting some stamina back, the chemo took that out of me. But it will come.

    @Lola2430 - I can understand how hard it is to wait for the pathology. Sorry yours hasn't arrived, and sending out vibes you get good news! It's hard not to worry in that interim period - I sure did.

  • farmgirl888
    farmgirl888 Member Posts: 14

    I had my lumpectomy w/ IORT @ UCSF 2/22, Dr. Alvarado and his team including a top gun radiologist and his team for the IORT. I just got my pathology report and all is well, clean margins, negative node. I am so relieved.

    I travelled the week before to get a Magseed implanted (easier than my biopsy), this way they didn't have to place wires the morning of surgery. They injected the dye for the nodes while I was under. The whole process went great, UCSF is a 5 star operation, beautiful hospital and WONDERFUL and CARING staff.

    I hope everyone else in our February group are doing well. I did get a super itchy rash due to surgery prep and dressings. I have been taking oral Benadryl and using Cortisone 10 cream and Calamine lotion. I was hesitant to get the incision damp, but I should have washed off the dressing residue a bit sooner. On the mend...

  • CHOCO1818
    CHOCO1818 Member Posts: 12

    dear tntnsd:

    congrats on a great outcome. How did you arrive at mastectomy decision instead of lumpectomy for DCIS? The reason I asked is because I regret lumpectomy I should have mastectomy which wasn’t really presented to me n I didn’t do my research. I am now thinking of it since my pathology report upgraded from DCIS to DCIS- micro invasive


  • tntnsd
    tntnsd Member Posts: 124

    Hi farmgirl888,

    Congrats on your pathology report. It's such a relieved to hear good news about clear margin, negative node. I also used some of cortisone and neosporin to help with the itchy when they removed my drains too.

    Wish that you will have a speedy recovery as well.

  • tntnsd
    tntnsd Member Posts: 124

    Hi Choco1818,

    So so sorry that your pathology report found some micro-invasive. Hugs.

    Please don't beat yourself up over the decision lumpectomy vs. mastectomy. It is different for each of us.

    Somewhat, it was easy for me to go with mastectomy (no recon). I have a small breast size, the lump area is big enough (almost 6 cm in total), that if I insisted on lumpectomy, I would have a big dent on my breast without reconstruction. Besides, this is on my left breast, so at the beginning, I was hoping to avoid radiation (it's likely required for lumpectomy vs. less-likely for mastectomy). The MRI that I had before surgery fortunately confirmed my decision as both my surgeon and radiation oncologist stated that I am not a good candidate for lumpectomy.

  • panout
    panout Member Posts: 33


    My pathology report is similar to yours and your surgeon's smiley face is making me happy too :)

  • annlat
    annlat Member Posts: 25

    Panout- I hope we can all find something to make us happy! Smile

  • Nikkyb09
    Nikkyb09 Member Posts: 7

    Hi everyone, had my B/L mastectomy on the 25th w/ expanders placed. Still have two drains (hopefully out monday) and definitely a bit sore. Its turned more into muscle pain now than anything (almost feels like I pulled my pec?), but I've just been keeping up with tylenol, didn't end up taking any of the oxy.

    I got my pathology results back the other day, and I'm a bit sad/frustrated. I was told after my surgery that my lymph nodes were clear, but upon getting the full results back, my surgeon called me and explained the frozen section was wrong. I have 1 node w/ macromets, 1 with micromets and then 1 with isolated tumor cells. Kinda feels shitty being given good news, only to have it taken away.

    So now the decision is to either go back and have more taken (axillary dissection) or just stick with radiation. My surgeon/oncologist/radiologist all met with the tumor board and they came to the conclusion that I should just go with radiation. I'm kinda stuck on what to do. I know there are studies being done that may show that taking more nodes is sometimes doing more harm than good (it increases lymphedema risk) but I'm also afraid of radiation missing something/leaving cells behind. Any advice?

  • tntnsd
    tntnsd Member Posts: 124

    Hi Nikky,

    Just want to say I am so sorry that your pathology report is not what you was hoping for. I can’t imagine feeling relieved then got burdened again. I can’t really offer any advice as I don’t have much experience or knowledge on this. Wish you the strength and peace to decide what to go forward with your treatment. Hugs.