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Lymphedema threat: are we ever out of the woods?



  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 12,877

    Looks like we have to post and not just read in order for the thread to move up in our chosen "bookmarks" - which used to be favorites.

  • zjrosenthal
    zjrosenthal Member Posts: 1,541

    I finally figured out how to get back on the forum. I developed lymphedema after 7 years of being very careful. I think what triggered it was bumping into a wall with my shoulder when I lost my balance. I'm now wearing a sleeve everyday doing a massage every morning and using an arm pump every night along with using a milder compression at night so far it's manageable and hasn't gotten worse. I was fitted for a sleeve by my lymphedema physical therapist recommended by my lymphedema doctor at Sloan Kettering.