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Ovarian suppression + AI beyond five years

cubbie2015 Member Posts: 773

When I was received my diagnosis five years ago, my MO wanted me to do 10 years of hormonal therapy. Women in my family experience menopause really late (around age 57) and continue to have children well into their 40s without reproductive assistance. So although I was 43, I felt my reproductive age was a lot lower, and that I might benefit from being treated like a younger woman. There was research at the time showing that AI + ovarian suppression was worked better than Tamoxifen for younger women. So I chose to do ovarian suppression with an AI rather than Tamoxifen.

I've now completed my first five years of treatment, and it's become obvious that my family has a strong history of uterine cancer. When I started my treatment, just two of my cousins had had uterine cancer. Since then my mother and my aunt were also diagnosed. Tamoxifen is no longer a safe option for me. At the same time, my MO thinks there's no point in taking me off the Lupron to see if I'm in menopause - given my family reproductive history, it's pretty unlikely. Instead, she wants me to continue to do another five years of Lupron and Arimidex. The only concern she had about continuing it for another five years is bone density. I've been in osteopenia the last three years, so I've started Prolia to see if I can build back some bone, or at least prevent any further loss.

Is anyone else going beyond five years on ovarian suppression?