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Recently Diagnosed IDC , Stage 4, Bone Mets


I am age 34. I had multiple lumps in my left breast since childhood and was continuing a yearly scan since 2017 which shown them stable and benign, tbe lumps were non painful. Married in 2011 I have total of 3 kids. In March 2019 I was blessed with a baby girl (my 3rd kid). In January 2020 During feeding my kid, i felt bleeding from left breast. I went to breast clinic who saw my history and performed a surgery to remove lumps. Histopath of removed ducts and lumps was conducted and showed B2 Bengin.

During Covid I could'nt visit Clinic for follow up. In Oct 2020 I visited clinic and told them that the breast has hardened , they told me its post operative changes. On 27 January 2021 I again visited as there was a red rash with itching on Lt Breast. Doc said it was inflammatory breast cancer. My Biopsy showed a Grade 2 tumor with ER+ (100%) , PR+(63%) , HER2-ve (by FISH). Bone Scan Showed Mets in Right Hip joint and some Vertaberal Portion and 1 rib and Rt Shoulder. CT scan showed all vital organs clear.

I recieved my 1st dose of Hormone therapy Tamoxifin Pills and Zoladex 3.6mg on 8 Feb 2021. After bone Mets were confirmed thru Pet scan (T4b , cN1, cM1) , on 17 February, 2021 I have started Kisqali 600mg (3x200mg daily). I have taken time from Radiation Onco for Ovarian Ablation in some time.

I am 34 years old and 3 kids (Son age 7, Son Age 5 & Daughter age 2). My morale is high and I am committed to defeat this for my family.

Need prayers and Motivation

Haleema, 34



  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,648

    Haleema jahn,

    I just wanted to wish you the best. Although I am not typical, I have lived with bone mets for almost 10 years without any disease progression. Metastatic breast cancer is not curable but in the almost ten years since my diagnosis I have seen more and more women survive longer and seen advances in treatments. Kisqali, for example, hadn’t even been approved when I was first diagnosed. Take good care of yourself.

  • nola70115
    nola70115 Member Posts: 61

    Haleema - I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's so frustrating how everything is fine one checkup and then the next it's all gone to hell. I missed a checkup too in 2020 due to covid and now feel so foolish for not going anyway. Although my doctor would not have found my recurrence any sooner than I did. They didn't do routine scans on me at check ups, just asked me how I was doing. Now I wish I had found someone more aggressive about monitoring. I've never had an MRI, never had a PET scan. My first PET scan is Monday, and they only scheduled that after a positive biopsy came back. Why wouldn't they give me a PET scan as soon as I had a positive ultrasound?

    I have a two-year old boy. He's so sunny and joyful. We adopted him when I was 5 years out from my first cancer and thought everything was fine. I'm dreading telling his birth mother, who we are friends with. She trusted me with her baby, and now I'm sick. It's all so frustrating.

    Sorry, I'm having a blue day.

    We will both get through this and see our little ones grow into mighty adults!

  • KBeee
    KBeee Member Posts: 695

    I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I am glad you have started treatments and hope they kick the cancer back so it's NED. Do check out the stage IV forums as well.

  • Prayers2021
    Prayers2021 Member Posts: 9

    My lovlies, Exbrnxgrl, Nola70115 and KBeee Thank you a lot for your kind words and support. With the will of God I am sure We all will recover. Exbrnxgrl dear you are a source of motivation Keep visiting us.

    Nola dear, we will see all happiness of our kids, we will arrange and Attend their marriages too .... just be positive.

    Love you all


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,648

    Haleema Jahn,

    Thank you but I wish I knew why I’ve done so well so I could help others. The reality is that neither I nor my docs can point to anything I have done, or not done, that has given me almost 10 progression free years. I know the situation can change in a minute but, Inshallah, I hope to be around for a while. Take care.

  • LivinLife
    LivinLife Member Posts: 301

    Welcome Haleema! You have been dealing with breast issues most of your life! even if the lumps during childhood were not concerning. You are amazing and I appreciate your determination! That will serve you well... Let yourself feel sad and other feelings too though when those arise - Sounds like faith and family will be major motivators and supports for you too. I wish you well!!!

  • fifthyear
    fifthyear Member Posts: 29

    Haleema, prayers that treatments work, we are rooting for you. Sending cyber hugs

  • fifthyear
    fifthyear Member Posts: 29

    Pray that treatments work for you, sending you cyber hugs.

  • BarbTheBCBarbie
    BarbTheBCBarbie Member Posts: 29

    Hey There.

    may we stay in touch? I just found out I have IBC…