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Revision Surgery - When to have Nipple Recon?

bluesfan4life Member Posts: 22
edited February 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

Hello all. After BMX in January 2020, I had DIEP flap surgery in August 2020. I am having revision surgery on Monday. My breasts are completely different sizes and shapes, and one is higher than the other. I also have some asymmetrical issues with my stomach, where it looks like they lipo'd more fat out of one side than the other, leaving a protrusion which I call my alien baby. I have been assured that all of these things will be fixed on Monday. My surgeon also plans on reconstructing nipples at the same time, but I am nervous that my breasts still won't be symmetrical after the surgery, and that the nips will be positioned incorrectly as a result. Any advice? Has anyone done their first revision and nipple reconstruction at the same time, and what were your results? Am I making much ado about nothing? All comments welcome.Thank you!