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Vascularized lymph node transplant VLNT

Cfnas Member Posts: 1
edited April 2021 in Lymphedema

Hello community! I am contemplating having a VLNT while I have my reconstruction DIEP flap. My surgeon is double boarded in plastics & microvascular and specializes in lymphedema surgery. He does both the flap and VLNT at the same time. My lymphedema is not bad, probably stage 1. I had 17 nodes removed in 2018 w/my mastectomy. I used to be quite active (lifting weights) and I was hoping to return to lifting more than 10 lbs with my affected arm. Surgeon seems very knowledgable, meticulous, done this for a while and suggested this procedure for me. Even though he was recommended by my onco to do my surgery, she will not recommend one way or the other to do the VLNT. My husband doesnt want me to do the transplant, either. I have admit, I am deathly afraid of getting subsequent lymphedema at the donor site! I cannot seem to find much in this Lymphedema forum about the VLNT. Anyone with experience or knowledge of this procedure?