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Febrile Neutropenia, 1st Ibrance cycle :(

sf-cakes Member Posts: 576

I'd just completed my very first cycle of Ibrance, and three days into the "off" week, I developed a fever. Was advised to immediately get to the ER, was promptly admitted to the hospital for two nights, and given IV antibiotics. Home now on oral antibiotics for several more days. I talked with my oncologist at length about options, and she wants us to retry Ibrance at a lower dose, once my bloodwork improves.

Now I feel kind of scared to try it again, even though I know this has been a great medication for many with MBC. I understand my reaction is very unusual, even my MO said as much ("you're my first patient who had this"). I'm wondering if any others have developed neutropenia with fever, and if you were able to continue on Ibrance or switched to something else.

Also, the word febrile sounds like feeble, and this is kind of how I feel...I was so excited and hopeful about Ibrance! And now I feel worried and sad - just wish I hadn't had such a drastic reaction, right out of the gate. Thank you to anyone who can share their experience.