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Looking for answers CT vs. MRI of the abdomen


So I am going to have the MRI on my abdomen that I've wanted since last October. My doc and radiologist have fought it. I don't quite understand why because I was even willing to pay for it myself. Since CT does not see one bit of my cancer in my body, entire spine and stomach, why would I think it will alert me that it's spreading to other organs? I don't trust a CT at all.

Since I've never had an abdominal MRI, am I kidding myself that it would be able to see my organs better than a CT would? MRI is the only thing that sees my extensive mets in my spine, so that's what I want to try for my abdomen. I take it MRI is more sensitive for bone than organs.

Can anyone here say that a CT did not pick up mets in other organs; i.e., lungs, liver, etc, but an MRI did? I want to be ready for the results. If it says no other organ involvement, I guess I'll have to trust it.

I'm going for another endoscopy this Friday. I'm having more stomach issues, so back in to see if it's getting worse.

I see people here say their tumors are shrinking. I'm so happy for them. I've been on Ibrance and Letrozole since June of 2019, and I haven't had anything say that. My tumor markers were high and have come down about 100 points only the whole two years and are still quite high.

My main goal would be to see if Ibrance and Letrezole are still working. If so, I will leave well enough alone. If not, I don't want to waste my time. The sneakiness of lobular is so real, especially in my case.

Thank you for any insight.