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Recurrence close to tumor site?


I had a skin sparing/nipple sparing double mastectomy last January. I also had ALND on right, radiation to chest wall, axilla, and supraclavicular nodes.

About a month ago I found a red spot on my breast. A few weeks ago, I felt a thick ridge under the red spot, which has not gone away.

This is about 1 o’clock position, 2 inches from my original tumor in 11 o’cl which is nowhere near my scarline (under my breast). It made me wonder if the scarline recurrence was only when you had lumpectomy or the mastectomy scar is somewhere near the tumor. There is no reason for scar tissue in that area. I did not have fat grafting. So the two most common benign conditions do not have a high chance of applying to me.

I see the oncologist on Monday. I will see what he says.