First post. Anyone have similar mammo. and biopsy results?

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Hi all. I was diagnosed on May 12 and have not seen a surgeon yet (appt. this coming Thu).

The diagnostic mammogram says "Mildly amorphous calcifications in the right breast retroareolar extending to the lower inner quadrant involving an area of up to 5 cm maximal dimension..." It goes on to say that there are two more closely grouped areas, one 2mm area 6:00 retroareolar and one 9mm area in the lower inner quadrant middle third.

They biopsied the two more closely grouped areas and that came back for both as grade 2 DCIS. The retroareolar one has focal incipient comedonecrosis. It looks like they are only testing for estrogen and progesterone receptors and I have not received those results yet.

What I can't figure out is if I have two tiny areas of DCIS, or if I have a 5 cm area of DCIS. If they only biopsied the two discrete areas, how do I know what is going on in between them?


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    Hello, cgifford7 and welcome to, although we're sorry that you have to be here for this reason.

    You're sure to hear from other members soon. In the meantime, there's some information in our main site that we thought you may find helpful:

    Understanding Breast Calcifications

    Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)

    We hope this helps you better understand your diagnosis. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. Sending our best to you!

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    Welcome cgifford! This will be a good question to ask your surgeon. I imagine you will have an MRI at some point? After my diagnostic mammogram they ordered an MRI to see if there was anything else going on. They would have done another biopsy based on that though I was having a mastectomy so another biopsy wasn't necessary. The MRI showed an added 3 cm of stuff which on final surgery pathology turned out to be lots of benign and precancerous finding..... The surgeon should give you a copy of your path report if you don't have that already. You'll want to know the % of ER and PR + to aid in treatment decisions.... Please keep us updated as you get more info...

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    I hope to have a MRI, that will be one of the things I ask about when I meet the surgeon. I've read that the the stretch between getting a diagnosis but before meeting with the breast surgeon is tough, and that is proving to be the case for me. Diagnosed on May 12th and not meeting surgeon until May 20th. I have my pathology report, and my mammogram reports, and I understand some of it, but some of it I'm really not sure what it means. The initial biopsy pathology report indicates that they will be testing for estrogen and progesterone receptors and that report will be sent separately. I have not received that yet. It does not appear that they will test for her2.

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    Yes the ER/PR receptor test takes longer but should be available by your BS appointment. Her-2 is not tested for in cases of DCIS because the results don't impact DCIS treatment decisions. Hope you get answers to your questions and a prescription for an MRI at your upcoming appt.

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    I would like to join this conversation regarding amorphous calcifications from my routing mammogram today. Is the the correct way to post?

    I’m sorry I’m so frazzled

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    Dear LKC71,

    We are sorry that you find yourself here and feeling frazzled. Can we ask if this was a routine mammogram? If so and you do not have a prior breast cancer diagnosis then check out this forum for those who are Not Diagnosed but Worried. There is a topic for you to take at called Common Imaging Questions which might be helpful. We suggest that you start a new topic in the Not Diagnosed but Worried Forum. You will see a red icon top of page left that says start a new topic. You can post your question and situation there. That is the best way to get specific answers to your questions. This topic has not seen activity of late so may not be seen as readily. Please let us know if we can be a help to you here.

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    LKC - I answered on your other post. I agree w/the Mods about going to the "not diagnosed" area. Also it's probably good to stick to one thread as you work through everything. Good luck.