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Share your Insurance claims denial story

msarcich Member Posts: 1
edited June 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently ran a story about my insurance claim appeal and win. Well I just figured out a way for you guys to use it to raise your voice about YOUR situation. Here's how.

Write up your response to the article with your situation front and center and send it to the Philadelphia inquirer. I have the two contacts for you to send it to. Email Erica Palan the op-ed editor at And please copy the reporter, Sarah Gantz.on your email at this is to ensure, as Sarah says, that she can see your comments to look for any possible story ideas. And, yes, Sarah is that amazing

Do this as quickly as you can. The more letters to the editor we can get in, the better. Your insurance denial situation does not have to be about breast reconstruction or even about cancer. It simply has to be a health insurance denial for a treatment or surgery that your medical team recommended and your insurance company denied.

here's a link to the article.