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Is the Highest Dose Always the Right Dose for Us?

bestbird Member Posts: 232

You may be interested in this article about a patient advocate-led survey which was presented in June at ASCO 2021. It's seen as the "first step" in determining whether there may be a different approach to treatment where people affected by metastatic breast cancer and their doctors collaboratively discuss the best dose for their personal situations. Usually, individuals with metastatic breast cancer are given the highest dose of treatment when beginning a new therapy, even though MBC is generally not curable and the highest dose can cause the most severe side effects. The survey found that the vast majority of people with metastatic breast cancer were open to discussing dose options based on their personal characteristics, and that 83% of patients with side effects who were given a dose reduction felt better, at least initially.

If you'd like to learn more, there'll be a webinar on this topic at 3PM ET on June 28. Hope to see you there!