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Dealing with pain 10 weeks out -any advice is appreciated.

CapsFaninVA Member Posts: 2
edited July 2021 in Pain

I posted about 3 weeks out from my bilateral mx with diep flap re: some abdominal issues. I'm now 10 weeks out (and about 6 weeks out from breast revision) and still experiencing some tightness in the abdomen and some nerve issues (feels like something is "in" the belly button and sometimes like it is rubbing). Not at the pain levels it was but still not great. To top it off, I'm now having a great deal of breast sensitivity and nerve discomfort: really uncomfortable in any sort of bra, pins/needles, pressure. Also some harsher twinges.

I'm extremely frustrated with my doctor, telling me this is "normal" at least with re: the breast issues. It may be. But, management of my discomfort / pain seems a bit like an afterthought. I did see a pain management doc but he seemed unfamiliar with reconstruction/breast surgery issues (he was rec'd by my surgeon). So I have a back up appt. planned with someone else I found. I've started PT but it is SOOO hard to get appointments anywhere (I've tried a few places and it is weeks in between visits). So I've had little help from that.

I guess I'm looking for what I can do on my own in between visits to help. I feel like with every visit, I have this glimmer of hope that it will give me some relief, and it doesn't. What worked for you to help with nerve pain, esp. the breast nerve pain/sensitivity? I know that time varies for each person but how long am I looking at the worst of this? I feel house bound and it's starting to really affect me as I'm a very active person. I feel like I'm missing out on summer, events, life . . .