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Soft tissue issue

AquaD Member Posts: 4

Hi Everyone,

I'm entering into 11 mos post Stage IV diagnosis. I began 7 rounds of Taxotere, Perjeta and Herceptin last December with some Zometa and Zarxio thrown in for good measure 😂 My March scan showed that all liver Mets and bone Mets had healed and I got me a chemo free summer...woot woot! However there is a soft tissue tumor in my right anterior mediastinum that didn't respond much to the treatment so we continued the Perjeta, Herceptin and added Aromasin. June scan showed all remained stable. Sept scan shows soft tissue increased from 1.0 x .7 cm to 1.3 x .8 cm. So now onc is suggesting drop Perjeta and add Ibrance. My question is this (and I am taking this to onc also but would love your feedback), is it possible that this soft tissue tumor in not BC? Could that be why it has not responded to treatments? It was never biopsied. Just always assumed it was BC Mets just find myself curious 😍. Thank you in advance