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Ruptured cyst concern

Pumpkindogs Member Posts: 1
edited October 2021 in Benign Breast Conditions

Hello, I had a diagnostic mammogram 3 days ago. I had many cysts, but a fairly large one in one breast. I told the lady before thw mammogram I was worried because it was tender a ready and large that it might pop. She said she never heard of that happening before, so we went ahead. We had all the extra squishes due to it being a diagnostic and she said I could stop of it hurt at all. The second one as soon as she compressed I was crying, after that we did it a bit lighter but it was painful. I did not want to call it completely off because I knew we needed the pictures of a spot dr was watching.

But now I am worried because it still hurts and I'm wondering if a cyst can indeed pop? I have googled away tonight trying to find answers and only found things about cysts under the skin layer and ovarian. During the ultrasound after mammogram some of the cysts in the breast that hurts looked smeared on side... like maybe liquid flowing out? Idk if a cyst rupturing is ok like it just goes away or not. I was hoping someone here might have experience with it. Thanks