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Beck68 Member Posts: 2
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I REALLY, REALLY do not want to order prosthetics from Liberator! I’ve had so many issues with them over the last 6 years and the last straw was them refusing to honor their own warranty for defective prosthetics. I DO want the options of asymmetrical forms that have an option to use both in bra pockets as well as adhesive attachment and/or with the option to strap on with the clear strapping that they fit into. I want them to look like the real thing with nipple and colors options. I’d found a fantastic place where every block was checked except for the fact that the company despite the beautiful prosthetics they are geared and designed mainly for crossdressers now, I know regardless that they are made to ‘fit’ the male body there really shouldn’t be an issue when I’ve searched for months for the exact products that I’ve been after. The kicker, they don’t accept insurance plans and as any surgical patients know these prospects and anything pertaining to them is extremely expensive. Can anyone please advise me if you know of a company I can turn to. I feel so broken, incomplete and I'm so saddened and all we want is the ability to look normal, foremost and next to have the options as it's hard to find natural prosthetics and then the options of adhesion again, because all we're trying to do is look a bit normal for our shattered self esteem. Then there's the strap on method so that one could have the security AND be able to look normal even bra-less. Then the ability to use in bra cups, well that's fundamentally essential at times. The expenses are a rough chunk of cash and they should fix this area for the lives of a woman, or man whom find themselves damaged, broken and feeling undesirable and disgusting as well as incomplete.

I feel I’m definitely not the only person who has faced this dilemma. I now am seriously screaming out at the universe for this shooting star of a moment! I’m so disappointed and these I have are well down the road from being something to wear and they not only should’ve been replaced years ago but they are literally falling apart but I def didn’t want to order again until I was in a better state after dealing with liberator and all the issues they imposed it’s taken a bit and now I’ve searched and searched and like I said, this other company designed for cross dressers I could order and use at will they have the exact prosthetics AND the caring staff to boot the only issues are the costs. There’s no way being middle aged unable to work live alone and there’s no way after paying for insurance for coverage it should be able to put up for them and it’s no anger or blame to the prosthetics company I’ve been speaking of they are not designed to be a company that offers product in cases like breast cancer etc. help!! Any suggestions thank you all for reading and replying!