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Surviving with brain mets

GerdaM Member Posts: 10

Hello all,

I keep lurking randomly and still feel I am coping my situation best with denial which works until something new shows up like last week :(

I was diagnosed 4years ago with Stage 4 to my brain where a big met has been found with a lot of swelling and a midline shift of 4 cm to the left. Had surgery, radiation and chemo and all was stable until 2019 when 4 new subcentimeter mets popped up and were zapped by a one-time session cyberknife.

On my current brain MRI 2 new spots showed up - one 4mm in cerebellum and a 5 mm spot in temporal lobe from which they can't tell it is a met because slightly demarcated.

I try to stay optimistic and hope for the same outcome as in 2019. Has anyone made the same experience of mets showing up regularly over years?

Thank you and regards Gerda