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People who have had TEs: Lump where your port used to be?

saltmarsh Member Posts: 192
edited October 2021 in Breast Reconstruction

Hey, folx.

For those of you who have had tissue expanders, did any of you discover hard spots or lumps where the port had been after they were removed?

I had reconstruction last month and initially thought everything had gone perfectly. And maybe it did. But last night I discovered a small, hard lump in the reconstructed breast, right where the port used to sit (and cause a fair amount of discomfort). It feels like it could just be a swollen lymph node...and I have no idea why else I would have discovered it suddenly last night after massaging "the pocket" and the scar so diligently for a month...but there it is.

I'll be making an appointment to get it looked at, but in the meanwhile, and wondering if maybe this is a common thing that happens?