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So confused....

TorontoGirl Member Posts: 1
edited October 2021 in Benign Breast Conditions


As you can see from my post title...

Im 45, I have a family history of BC so I am screened regularly. I was diagnosed with PASH almost 2 years ago, have dense breasts and cysts are common for me...I've accepted my breasts are a hot mess...LOL

In the last month I've had a mammo, bilateral US, targeted right breast US and a core biopsy.

The core biopsy showed "Stromal Fibrosis"...which I know is good news and I'm very relieved. However something about the addendum report is bothering me.

"The final Histology of the core biopsy of the right breast hypoechoic region at 1200 shows stromal fibrosis. This could be concordant. MRI suggested to further assess"

What else could there be to assess?