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Complicated cyst ?

tntnsd Member Posts: 124
edited November 2021 in Benign Breast Conditions

I just had my mammogram yesterday , 9 months after my mastectomy (left breast) for DCIS. I was nervous a bit coming to my appointment. The mammogram technician took 2 pictures of my right breast, and asked me to wait while the radiologist review the images. She came back shortly, taking 3 more images, saying that the radiologist asked her to since my breast too dense, she also asked if I have time for ultrasound yesterday. That started to scare the heck out of me, since it was ultrasound following diagnosis mammogram that confirmed my DCIS last year.
I understand that they just wanted to be extra cautious with the remaining bread since I now have a record of BC. My mind was racing and praying that it would be alright. I don’t want to deal with this within a year or ever again. I told them, yes I had time for ultrasound right there She was extremely helpful, and sent me to ultrasound tech. I was so scared when I saw the ultrasound tech kept taking images, recording measurements. When it was done, she asked me to wait for the radiologist reviewed the result. Less than 10 minutes, she came back with the radiologist, let me tell you, I was terrified nonetheless. However, the radiologist profoundly apologized that he had to put me in distress , as result are all good. I just had some “complicated cysts” that he had to make sure all that is. I am cleared for my first mammogram after mastectomy. I had tears in my eyes hearing that. I couldn’t even think about asking him to clarify what “complicated cysts” mean. Oh well, i figured I could ask my breast surgeon next week when I see her for my follow up appointment. I don’t want even to Google the terms!!!

God knows what was in my mind at that time. I wish, really wish with all my heart that no woman have go through this.