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Dense Breasts and History of Breast Cancer



  • dejavue
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    Just read your post- Wish you the best.

  • jons_girl
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    I just read your post. I was you in 2017. I was furious that I had not been educated better about this. I knew some stuff about this tho. I had cat d extremely dense tissue. Mammo didn't even see my cancer at all. Just the sticker they stuck on the 4mm tumor. I got a copy of my mammo cd to see that for myself. Nobody seemed to want to admit that the mammo didn't see it. I think I even asked the radiologist.

    I had to push at first as I recall I think for other types of diagnostics. The breast specialist I saw at first did push a bit for other types of diagnostics. But now that I've had cancer they don't push back really when I ask for ultrasound. I've had mri too. I get diagnostics done every 6 mo because I chose to not have rads or any hormone blockers.

    Last year I did have a mammo because your breast tissue can change. I've gone down to scattered density. Probably because I've gone through menopause now?? Not sure. Maybe it will change to denser too again. Not sure. But I won't rely just on mammo results ever again. Just my personal opinion.

    Starrysky8: I found my tumor myself too If I hadn't found it I wonder when anyone else would have found it it was already invasive at 4 mm

    Beesie: Hi! My mom who's in her 70s still seems to have dense tissue and has been told by her breast cancer specialist (bc surgeon who is colleague of my breast surgeon) post genetic testing, that she's got over 20% risk and thus insurance is paying for her breast diagnostics every 6 mo

    Interesting what you said about breast cancer returning for those of us who had it around 50 returning in 60/70s. Will see how I do

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • jons_girl
    jons_girl Member Posts: 433
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  • K-Gobby
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    I am grateful my insurance covered all. Grateful. I went to a cancer hospital and at 60 had my first mammogram. Yep, I choose not to have one. I felt the lump, got a mammogram that saw the lump, then an ultrasound to define where it was. The day before the US, they got me a biopsy. Done withe the ultrasound tech nurse. After that, I had a CT.

    Last week I had a mammogram on my remaining breast. I have dense tissue, so a US was ordered. I had surgery in Feb. A blood clot formed by early August, so my remaining breast goes when I am better healed. My US said likely benign. My MO needs to read it to me. I do have Brca2. I need this breast gone. No cancer I say! I already had the mastectomy on the other side!!

  • wondering44
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    It was recommended I do an MRI annually due to dense breasts and breast cancer since I did a unilateral mastectomy. The recommendation came after the cancer dx (wasn't humored). I changed facilities after letdowns. MD Anderson recommended I do 6-month MRIs every 6 months unless I remove my left breast during my next mastectomy for my right breast.