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Brain Fog and Cognitive Effects



  • pixy
    pixy Member Posts: 7

    Hello Ladies,

    Have also been on Tamoxifen and at times feel nothing short of an idiot. Struggle with words, forget things daily and find myself making more to do notes ever. My brain actually feels likes it is dying and yay, have years to go. The hot flashes are extreme. I break into a sweat all over my body and feel like I am going to spontaneous combust. Joy to drying up all our estrogen!!! Is it really worth it or should I just roll the dice and go with the way of The Universe.

  • WC3
    WC3 Member Posts: 658

    Hi pixy:

    I switched off of the Tamoxifen because it was giving me utrine issues but cognitively it would have been unsustainable for me. I'm now on exemestane and my mind is significantly clearer.

  • lillyishere
    lillyishere Member Posts: 757


  • bjohenning
    bjohenning Member Posts: 3

    Seems like this is an older comment string, but I have only recently started tamoxifen after radiation, and the "brain fog" I am experiencing is not only real (and frustrating), but maybe dangerous? My experience with this, outside of memory type issues, includes issues with processing what I am seeing, and this has resulted in at least two near-misses while driving. I am also having issues with simple cognitive functions such as math. My cancer was caught early, and I was fortunate and did not need chemo, but I have been completely taken aback by these events; and from things Googled, I am now seeing that it is not limited to this drug, but several on the hormone therapy spectrum. I plan to speak to my oncologist at my follow-up, but am surprised at this effect only one month in to taking this.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,199

    Welcome, bjohenning, and thanks for sharing your experience with the community. We know how frustrating and concerning this side effect can be, and we're sorry you're dealing with this! It's a good thing you're speaking to your onc about it, and we hope there is some sort of adjustment that can be made. Please keep us posted.

    The Mods

  • gailmary
    gailmary Member Posts: 382

    Wow bjohenning. That's scary. I spose that brain fog could cause a dangerous situation. I'll have to pay attention to that! I'vedefinitely noticed brain fog and try not to let it bother me. Most friends are 70s+ and get confused easily. Glad I'm retired so I dont need to worry about mistakes on the job.

    I mentioned brain fog on another thread and someone pointed out that that too is from a lack of estrogen. Makes sense I've always known the brain needs estrogen.

  • bjohenning
    bjohenning Member Posts: 3

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am new to the group and only just starting to realize how many things have actually changed since my diagnosis and treatment. Your comments are helpful and make me feel less anxious.