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2 1/2 years out; Could the Atypia be back?

Yankeedaugter Member Posts: 1
edited December 2021 in Benign Breast Conditions

In June of 2019, I woke up on my husband's 58th birthday with a bloody discharge from the nipple on my left breast. That old saying about never googling your symptoms because within 3 clicks of the mouse you are planning your funeral arrangements is true! I walked into the kitchen a blubbering mess, convinced I was dying, and the traditional birthday breakfast was completely forgotten. Made some frantic phone calls and got into my ob/gyn that day where he told me "no worries"(something only a man could say), but that the papilloma he diagnosed would have to come out. Called me 5 days later to tell me the labs from the blood sample showed no cancerous cells but to go ahead and have the mammogram and ultrasound that was scheduled for that Friday. After nearly 2 hours of mammos and ultrasounds, I was told I had numerous micro-calcifications and a whole bunch of other stuff. Duh, what does that mean? As this was my first time hearing this, I asked could you please explain. "Oh, you have cancer and we'll set up a call from the cancer liaison at our hospital", not exactly what I expected to hear. Made it to my car before I disintegrated into another blubbering mess. Next was a core needle biopsy followed by a phone call from the doc. The old good news, bad news: There are no cancerous cells BUT there are cells that are atypia. Again, please explain. Well, now you have to go in for a lumpectomy. My final diagnosis exactly 2 moths later was ADH, extremely dense breasts, but yeah, no cancer…yet,

I have annual mammos and breast MRIs spaced 6 months apart as my surgeon is considering me very high risk. I have one maternal aunt who had passed from cancer about 20 years ago, never smoked, no HRT, no birth control, nursed all 3 of boys did everything right. My doc, my husband and I all agreed not to go the Tamoxifn route. Ok, my question to my sisters: my last MRI showed a 9 x 7 x 11mm "lobulating mass" in my right breast (too deep to feel on monthly self exams and last mass they found was only 3 x 3 x 4)). I was sent for another mammo and ultrasound which were inconclusive so they are now sending me for another MRI guided biopsy, but not until January 6. The holidays are stressful enough without this hanging over my head. If this is not a group of cysts, which the ultrasound felt, should I be worried about more atypia? Is it common for atypia to be found in every lesion that occurs? Fortunately school is out and I am not working so I am able take the xanax my pcp prescribed for the stress. Can anyone out there calm my fears or help me brace for worse case scenario?