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Well crap (exemestane)



  • tinkerbell65
    tinkerbell65 Member Posts: 48

    I was switched to exemestane in December, my doctor advised me to wait two weeks after stopping the letrozole. The pharmacy was going to charge me $320 for a month supply . I checked with Medicare, and was told it was because of my deductible of $450. Instead of meeting my 2021 deductible at the end of the year, I opted to wait a few more days to get the exemestane. January's supply cost me $42, or around that.

    The good news is that the joint pain is much less severe since being off the letrozole.

  • margun
    margun Member Posts: 385

    thinkerbell- Letrozole gave you join pain. I have also osteoporosis and seems it’s kiwering my rbc and wbc count. I see if my no will find a solution.

  • gb2115
    gb2115 Member Posts: 553

    I was able to access my DEXA results (haven't seen the doctor yet), and can see that I already have osteoporosis before even starting the Aromasin. I wonder what they will do for me with that...I have such GI issues (GERD and esophageal motility problems) that I would be scared to take the oral meds. I keep reading about Prolia...I definitely hope it's an option. I see it's not covered through my insurance, but maybe paperwork would override that.

  • hersheykiss
    hersheykiss Member Posts: 659

    GB, Zometa and Reclast are both zoledronic acid (a bisphosphonate) and given as a short IV infusion. One or the other may be covered by your insurance plan.

  • gb2115
    gb2115 Member Posts: 553

    Thanks HersheyKiss!

  • VioletKali
    VioletKali Member Posts: 97

    Rather than an AI, there is a drug that is called Toremifene. It is like tamoxifens older, better looking cousin that doesn't have side effects.(beat you) 🤣

    It is the same class as Tamoxifen, so it doesn't increase osteoporosis-it can actually help.

  • quinnie
    quinnie Member Posts: 113

    I too was on letrozole for 1 1/2 years and the joint pain just kept getting worse. Was on a drug holiday for 2 weeks and started exemestane about 6 weeks ago and so far so good. Just mild joint pain. My medicare part d cost was 150.00 so I used Good RX and cost is 50.00 per month. I need to reevaluate my part D next year as my plan hasn't covered much. When I turned 65 I was on no meds so I chose the cheapest plan. Now due to BC I am on 4 meds. Letrozole also increased my B/P and cholesterol. UGH. but better than getting BC for a third time.

  • nancy2581
    nancy2581 Member Posts: 407

    Just thought I'd update. My oncologist had the BCI test run on my tumor (that is one expensive test). Turns out that staying on an AI at this point (it's been 7 years) won't help me. My chances of the cancer coming back are the same whether I take AI's or not. Soooo I don't have to take them. Thank God. Hoping you all don't have to take them longer than necessary either.



  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,834

    That sounds good! Unfortunately at stage IV I will only stop taking them when they no longer work, but I can’t complain about ten years of NEAD.

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 1,350

    Congratulations Nancy!

  • RoRo123
    RoRo123 Member Posts: 9

    I'm going through same issues. Under hubby's plan I paid nothing for Breckinridge exemestane. The meds were fine. No issues. I'm now on Medicare since 1/1/22 part D (prescription) and got hit with a mail order company at $450, 90 day supply because of deductible. It would then be $225 for 90 days the rest of year. CVS was at same price. Local pharmacy has another company brand and it'll be here on Monday. I just wanted 30 day supply to test out. Without insurance is about $40.

    The mail order script is from Asher-Smith company. I'm having a few terrible side effects: fatigue, lightheadedness and lots of anxiety. I'm actually afraid to drive. My doctor's NP is going to check on hospital pharmacy and see if they can get the Breckinridge company brand for me and at a much lower price. She's been wonderful.

    I'll keep you posted. I'm sure it's the pill giving me issues. Day 1 of taking it I just didn't feel myself.