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Maybe someone can explain me this?

hirri Member Posts: 7
edited January 2022 in Benign Breast Conditions

So I have lumps in my breasts, I posted before but long story short after bi rads 4 ultrasound, MRI was ordered which ended as bi rads 2 and then another ultrasound to compare the results - bi rads 3. What concerns me is that since these were done by different doctors, the way they described results also differ and I have this anxiety not knowing what it means. Maybe someone has the knowledge and can explain to me? So first ultrasound said cysts, cystic lump (?) + unknow isoechoic lump (hence bi rads 4). Another ultrasound (by breast doctor) said cysts, clustered cysts + same unknown lump. She ordered MRI. MRI said nothing at all just bi rads 2 and benign changes, no BPE, no enhancing anything. No details. Then last ultrasound done after MRI, same radiologist looked at MRI results again and said that the unknown lump looks like involuting fibroadenoma with calcifications "would not worry about it", however, everything else in my breasts show that something is going on with hormones. And then after a few hours I got the report of "everything else" which said: most likely fibroadenoma, locally enlarged ducts, possible adenosis lump and small cysts around. Can same thing be called adenosis by one doctor and clustered cysts or cystic lump by other? Does this mean they have no idea what it is or are these lesions somewhat similar? I don't see a lot of info about adenosis anywhere :/ She also asked me if I ever had a breast trauma, which I didn't. Thanks for the input if anyone knows what it means.