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Premarin after HER2+ treatments for menopause symptoms


I am 6 years from my HER2+ treatment. I am 68. I was stage 1 and had a lumpectomy, Taxol/Herceptin and radiation. I recently had a total hysterectomy due to problems associated with large non-cancerous fibroids. My Gyn and One, said it was alright to take vaginal Premarin cream to help with uterine wall problems. I took the smallest dosage for one month and started to have breast swelling and tenderness, even though it's not supposed to get into the system.

Can anyone share some natural alternatives to taking HRT and what has your experience been?


  • cria
    cria Member Posts: 9
    edited January 2022

    Hi WarriorCheryl,

    I'm guessing that you meant the premarin cream to help with *vaginal* wall problems? I can't say I've used it, as I am ER+/PR+, and still on Tamoxifen. I do have a bit of knowledge in this area, though, and given your ER-PR- status, a little estrogen is probably fine. You could also try dosing less frequently, or try a non-hormonal vaginal lubricant. I attended a cancer and intimacy workshop and several women had had good results with applying a personal lubricant daily to keep the vaginal walls more healthy. One brand the woman giving the workshop suggested is Sutil. It apparently helps with collagen production as well. There is currently a study going on looking at Replens for the treatment of vaginal dryness in women currently taking aromatase inhibitors, so that is another product worth considering.

    I hope you find something that works for you!

  • WarriorCheryl
    WarriorCheryl Member Posts: 8
    edited February 2022

    thank you for your reply. Yes I was referring to vaginal Premarin cream. I did take a break, and I am now using smaller dose, income relation with a Fraginals gel with hyaluronic acid. I tried a different brand, Good Clean Lovebut I will try to locate the one that you learned about. Stay healthy.