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Pectoral Muscle —pleomorphic ILC

Duketex Member Posts: 2

My mother (82) has had surgery to remove 4cm tumor that was embedded in pectoral muscle. Stage 2. The margins were positive. No second surgery. She went through 23 days of radiation. 8 days for pectoral muscle

Has anyone had this diagnosis?? If so, could you share your experience

I asking for percentage of reoccurrence, doctor said 9%

Any information appreciated!! nice to see long term survivors


  • nash
    nash Member Posts: 146
    edited January 2022

    Was the 9% for local recurrence in the muscle?

    I was diagnosed with pleomorphic ILC growing into my pec when I was 38. I was misdiagnosed as Stage 2–we now know I had a solitary bone met to my sternum, making me de novo Stage 4.

    That was back in 2007. I now have mets to my brain, eye muscle, cranial nerves, skin and additional bone mets. However, I’m still here. Even though PILC is considered more aggressive than classic ILC, it is still relatively slow growing in many cases.

  • Duketex
    Duketex Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2022

    Nash, thanks for this. This is good news. I am assuming so, but am unsure. They didn’t have her do chemo, she wouldn’t have done it anyway. We go back to radiologist Wednesday and surgeon in a few weeks. I will see if I can get an answer to this then.

    Thank you agai

    Following up. I posted in a couple of Facebook groups No response. I am guessing pectoral muscle involvement is rare and you add on PILC scary

    thanks you

  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29
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    Hi, Nash,

    You are still here. Heart