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Lump gone after biopsy?

Beachalog Member Posts: 1
edited January 2022 in Benign Breast Conditions


I've had a lump just under my nipple that has been monitored by mammogram and ultrasound for about two years. It was pretty much round, mostly smooth feeling and not painful.

After my last checkup, the radiologist said that she's pretty sure it's not anything to worry about, but she booked me for a biopsy anyway. I had it yesterday, and since then, even though there's some swelling and pain, it seems like the lump is gone.

When I looked at the ultrasound as they were doing it, it was MOSTLY dark, but the ultrasound tech also said that because of where it was, it was hard to get a clear picture.

I'm sort of thinking that since it seems to be gone now, it was probably a cyst? Anyone have any experience with this? I will have biopsy results in a few days. Just doing the usual panicking.