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Mom caring for 20 yr old daughter .....


I spend my days and nights researching trying to find a way to save my 20 yr old daughter, she was only 2 months out of treatment when she found out she is now stage iv. Mets to brain skull spine breast lymph . Any moms with young daughters here? Triple Negative


  • kbl
    kbl Member Posts: 2,684
    edited January 2022

    O2s, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine having such a young child going through this. If you're not aware, there is a caregiver Zoom meetup that you can join to get support. There is a nonmetastatic meetup today for caregivers if you want to start there. The next metastatic caregiver meetup is February 1st.

    Hugs to you, and you are not alone.

  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 769
    edited January 2022

    O2s - I'm so so sorry to read about your daughter. There is so much support and valuable information on this website.

    My thoughts, and prayers (if that's ok) are with your daughter and you as well. {Hugs to you both}

  • cyathea
    cyathea Member Posts: 330
    edited January 2022

    O2s, I’m so sorry to hear this. 20 years old is so young to have MBC. I hope you will both find comfort and support from this community.

    The first few months are very tough, but many of us feel that it does get easier to wrap your head around the diagnosis with time.

    My Mom was a huge help to me through my chemo, surgery and radiation. I will be forever grateful for the time she spent at our house. Your daughter is lucky she has you.


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 663
    edited January 2022

    O2s I am so very sorry that your daughter and family are going through this. As a mother we just want to ease our child's pain so I can't even imagine how you must feel.

    As the others said this is a great community for support and information. I hope you find some comfort here or even a place to vent when you need to.

    Hugs and prayers.

  • birchbark26
    birchbark26 Member Posts: 6

    I’m about a year late in seeing your post

    I’m sending you hugs and care

    my daughter was 32 when she was diagnosed stage In De Novo

    I’m here for you if you need to vent