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Stopping transtuzumab (Herceptin) for surgery?

1982m Member Posts: 224

Long story short- they stopped my Herceptin for 6 weeks for my oncoplastic reduction. I was suppose to get my surgery tomorrow. I caught Covid and they cancelled my surgery and just did a re-excision instead. The might do a breast reduction in 3-4 weeks once pathology comes back and I'm not sure about all the delays.

I know trastuzumab and pertuzumab together can cause some wound healing issues.

Wondering about people who were just on Herceptin/trastuzumab? I called my medical oncologist to talk about it. If I end up with another surgery I'm just not comfortable with all these delays but wondering what's happened with other people and their Herceptin.

Thanks for sharing!


  • specialk
    specialk Member Posts: 9,189

    I had two surgeries on Herceptin only - one about 6 weeks from the end of chemo, so only having had a couple of Herceptin only infusions, to re-install a tissue expander that had been removed just before the start of chemo. The second surgery was right as Herceptin was finishing and was bi-lateral exchange surgery - all without incident or any healing issues. So sorry to hear of the Covid related delay of the more involved surgery, that has to be frustrating. Wishing you the best.

  • aram
    aram Member Posts: 319

    While on Herceptin, I did my breast surgery, Ooperectomy, and hysterectomy. I didn't have any issues with healing.

    Good luck.

  • 1982m
    1982m Member Posts: 224

    Thanks so much! I wasn’t comfortable when they stopped it so now I feel like I really want them to restart.

    Hopefully my medical oncologist calls back today or tomorrow. Knowing others could continue on makes me feel better about pushing to continue it.

  • AlwaysMeC
    AlwaysMeC Member Posts: 107

    I was on Perjeta and Herceptin. My breast surgeon requested to pause Perjeta only, I believe due to the diarrhea side effect. He was okay with just Herceptin. I had it three days before my surgery, then about a couple days after because I needed another surgery.

  • 4sparky
    4sparky Member Posts: 9

    I too had surgery (implant removal) while still receiving trastuzamab, neither my oncologist or surgeon had any concerns. No issues with healing and was able to stay on schedule with treatments. Wishing you well!

  • 1982m
    1982m Member Posts: 224

    Thanks everyone!

    I'm glad I followed my gut on this. It didn’t seem right. I spoke to the oncologist today (who I think is great). The oncologist covering him over Christmas stopped it, and shouldn’t have. My oncologist apologized and booked me in for next Wednesday- soonest they could squeeze me in. He’s also going to let me start tamoxifen while I wait for radiation. Since my surgeries got all messed it, I might be doing radiation later then I anticipated.