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Skin too stretched out!

startnew12212 Member Posts: 45
edited January 2022 in Breast Reconstruction


I had my final exchange 3 months ago and I am not that pleased. On my cancer side, the skin is very dimply and resembles a deflated balloon! It seems like the skin was almost too stretched out and/or the implant is too small. My surgeon said most would be pleased with the results I got sigh. I do not have a lot of fat for fat grafting and so I don't know if that route would be futile since 30% won't even stay (and I don't have much to offer to begin with). I don't know what to do. Anyone experience this?

BTW My non cancer breast has minor rippling but not bad. I would be pleased if both breasts looked like that one-I could live with that. As is, NO!


  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 769
    edited January 2022

    StartNew12212 - have you considered talking to another surgeon?

  • veggal
    veggal Member Posts: 261
    edited January 2022

    Find a new surgeon. Many of us have had to make a switch. Personally, I got three more opinions before I did my revision. I have been happy for almost 5 years now

  • startnew12212
    startnew12212 Member Posts: 45
    edited January 2022

    Thank you both! Lookinginto that now!

    I'm glad you're happy VegGal :)