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Costochondritis, Nerve Pain?

JACK5IE Member Posts: 654

I am currently on Abraxane. For the past couple of months I have a few spots on/near my rib cage that is tender/painful to touch. There are two on my right side and one on my left. It seems to become the most prevalent after my Abraxane treatment. It feels like it’s a movable nerve or something to me. I have felt something similar in my upper thigh before too but these are new since Abraxane. It doesn’t really fit the description of Costochondritis. My MO doesn’t seem overly concerned. He said it could be inflamed cartilage and said the CT scan (scheduled 2/11) will pick it up if it’s anything cancerous. But the waiting is the hardest part as we all know because of Tom Petty. Anyone have this or know what it could be?