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Scan results

Hi all,

My mom isn't too comfortable using the forums so I'll be managing her account. I hope I can post here. She's been on A/A for about 3 months and her tumor markers dropped by about 30%. The bone pain that first tipped her off, is all gone (she even weened off of all the pain meds). However, today she went for her first scans and they showed significant progression both in her bones and liver. Is this normal? We will be meeting with her MO this week, hopefully.




  • moth
    moth Member Posts: 3,293

    hi, sorry to read this news. No, it's not normal, usually we hope for lesion to stay same or shrink. Her oncologist might suggest a treatment change. Hope you get some guidance this week. Best wishes

  • YasirKhan
    YasirKhan Member Posts: 10


    In my opinion despite the treatment if the cancer is still growing then it means 2 things

    1. Treatment is not right/ not working, or
    2. Cancer is very aggressive

    Targeted radiotherapy might help to slow down the cancer a little bit but again i am no doctor, try reaching out to other bigger hospitals if not already

    Prayers with you


  • Yasir, thanks. We met with my mom's MO yesterday and she prescribed piqray with fulvestrant. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this one can help slow things down.

  • Hi all,

    My mom's cancer has progressed to her brain. She developed aphasia and had a seizure. Still waiting on MRI results but I can't help but feel helpless. She had a great run on xeloda which gave us all a great summer where we were able to take tons of pictures and create lots of memories. I'm hoping that this insidious demon can be fought back again, but at the same time I do not want her to suffer anymore.

  • kbl
    kbl Member Posts: 2,637

    concerned, I'm sorry about your mom's progression. There is a brain mets thread that maybe you'll find helpful. You can just go to the top. There are some who've had brain Mets for five years and are still doing fairly well.

  • KBL, Thanks. We get the results of her MRI today so we will see what the next steps are. I will read through the brain mets forum.