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Fibroadenoma that didn’t show on ultrasound

Anxietymama Member Posts: 10
edited February 2022 in Benign Breast Conditions


I’m high risk so I get regular MRI’s. On my last one they found a new mass, that they then tried to see on an ultrasound, but it didn’t show there.

I had it biopsied but I’m very worried and trying to think of all the benign things it could potentially be to reassure mysel. I’m wondering if anyone has ever had a fibroadenoma that didnt show up on ultrasound?


  • minustwo
    minustwo Member Posts: 13,077
    edited February 2022

    AnxietyMama - it's a good idea to stick to one thread so everyone can follow the answers & not start two differen threads.

    Lots of things show on imaging that turn out benign.

  • moderators
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    Hello, Anxietymama, and welcome to! We're so glad you've joined us and hope you find it to be a place of support and help from others who 'get it'. As MinusTwo has said, there are many other benign masses that can come from testing. The main site has useful information that may reassure you while you wait, in the article What Mammograms Show: Calcifications, Cysts, Fibroadenomas.

    We hope this helps! Please, come back to let us know how it goes!

    The Mods