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Tamoxifen and cataracts, eye hole, retina detachment

I have been on tamoxifen for almost 3 years but think I might quit. When I asked my dr he said go ahead and quit. No alternative offered. I am post menopausal, and was so when started the tamoxifen. I am 64 and in good health. I have had cataracts, eye retina detachment, and a hole in my eye. The eye surgeon said it's just bad luck. I of course have hot flashes and thinning hair. I am worried to continue tamoxifen if it will cause more damage to my eyes or something else, but of course don't want the breast cancer to return. Has anyone been affected with this type of eye damage?

Thank you


  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,934
    edited February 2022

    Has the Tamoxifen use definitely been linked to your eye problems? Those all also happen as we get older.

  • spookiesmom
    spookiesmom Member Posts: 8,149
    edited February 2022

    I’ve had cataract since I was 56, just now getting them off at 73.Any chance you are diabetic? That can cause eye issues.

  • rbc
    rbc Member Posts: 16
    edited February 2022

    Per my eye doctor Tamoxifen can cause permanent damage to the retina. King of like accelerated macular degeneration. Also, I thought once we hit menopause they switch u to an AI?

  • Blueskye101
    Blueskye101 Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2022

    thank you all for replying to my concerns with tamoxifen and the eyes. I had read a lot about this adversely affecting the eyes, but my eye doctor nor my cancer doctor will come out and say what I gave read. The ductal carcinoma in situ I had after already being done with menopause, but the Dr. Still put me on tamoxifen. I have not quit tamoxifen yet. I feel like with the side affects I’m darned if I do or don’t quit

  • cowgirl13
    cowgirl13 Member Posts: 766
    edited February 2022

    Blueskye, I can't image why he wouldn't switch you to Arimidex or one of the other antihormonals.