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Multicentric IDC node positive

Kristam421 Member Posts: 1

hi all,

Greetings to All of You Beautiful People I've been lurking around the website for a little and I've learned so many good things from first-person accounts of what's going on with them I was wondering if anybody can help me with a couple of questions that I have. I just had my lumpectomy where they took out two separate tumors and they took out two lymph nodes one of them was positive with a macro metastasis 7 mm. Anyhow my question is as of now I am considered stage 2.... of course I'm going back to have a mastectomy and a diep reconstruction. I am on the fence about an AL&D if anybody has any experience with those that would be really helpful... I know that hormone therapy is going to be highly recommended but what do you all think my chances are of being recommended to have chemotherapy?? I have an appointment tomorrow with a medical oncologist I'm just wondering if anybody has any of the same cancer features as me or has any insight into what the treatment may look like for me

Thank you so much