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AC-T versus TC Adjuvant Chemotherapy

KJP Member Posts: 2

Starting this conversation to hear peoples thoughts on TC v AC-T as adjuvant therapy for ER/PR+ HER2-. Stage 2B. grade 2. 2.3cm tumour and micromets in the 1 sentinel node removed (surprise). Have very good health history prior (as in no health issues), no cardiovascular issues, age 43 pre-menopausal. Met with oncologist this week and recommendation was TC regime *4 3 weeks apart. As she termed - 2nd generation but does not come with the associated cardiac risks as AC-T and for "low risk" patients the overall survival benefit is ~1%. I understand all the statistics but going into this I was of the mindset to go after this with all I've got. And how am I to know I am truly "low risk". To me the micromets puts it in a grey zone. I do have the choice - if I want I can change the course of action to the AC-T.

Anyone else who's been in similar situation would love to hear their thoughts and choice

Dx 1/10/2022 Biopsy DCIS/IDC grade 2 ER/PR+ HER2- Right ~1.8cm (age 43)

Surgery 1/19/2022 Mastectomy: Right with sentinel node removed (1). Micromets 1mm. 2.3cm. Grade 2. Clear margins. All CT/Bone scans clear, stage IIB

Chemotherapy ???? Starting March 2